Top 10 Richest Cities in India

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Top 10 Richest Cities in India

The list of top 10 richest cities in India according to GDP (Gross Domestic Product). GDP is defined as the total of all goods and services produced over a specific period of time.

1. Mumbai

mumbai richest city


Mumbai is listed as the first richest city according to GDP. Mumbai is the city from Maharashtra and it has a GDP of 209 billion USD. The industries which belongs to Mumbai are entertainment and fashion. The city is listed as the world’s 29th richest city by GDP. It was ranked among the fastest cities in India for startup in the year 2009. Mumbai is experiencing a rapid growth in many sectors like fashion and entertainment. Mumbai is known as the “Glam City” of India.

2. Delhi

delhi richest city


Delhi is listed as the second richest city according to GDP. Delhi has a GDP of 167 billion USD. It is one of the largest commercial center of northern India. The industries which belong to Delhi are information technology, telecommunication, hotels, banking, media, tourism, construction, power and real estate. These factors contribute to the city’s economy. Delhi has one of the India’s largest and fastest growing retail industries, this factor helps a lot in increasing the GDP.

3. Kolkata

Kolkata richest city


Kolkata is listed as the third richest city according to GDP. Kolkata has a GDP of 150 billion USD. This metropolitan has an economy ranging from 60 billion USD to 150 billion USD. It is the third most richest after Mumbai and Delhi. Kolkata is the main commercial and financial hub. The sectors in Kolkata are real estate, infrastructure, retail and hospitality.

4. Bangalore

bangalore - richest city


Bangalore is listed as the forth richest city according to GDP. Bangalore has a GDP of 83 billion USD.”Silicon Valley of India” or “IT (Information Technology) capital of India” both are the names given to Bangalore. Nation’s leading IT exporter is Bangalore. It is the second fastest growing metropolitan city in India. Bangalore has a large FMCG ( Fast Moving Consumer Goods) market.

5. Hyderabad

hyderabad richest city


Hyderabad is listed as the fifth richest city according to GDP. Economy of Hyderabad metropolitan is ranging from a GDP of 40 billion USD to 74 billion USD. It is ranked fifth most productive area of India. Hyderabad is known as “City Of Pearl”.

6. Chennai

chennai richest city


Chennai is listed as the sixth richest city according to GDP. Chennai has a GDP of 66 billion USD. The metropolitan area of Chennai is one of the largest city of India. It is called as “The Detroit of India”. Economy of entire city range from a GDP of 58.6 billion USD to 66 billion USD. Chennai has a broad industrial base in automobile , computer, technologies, and hardware.

7. Ahmedabad

ahmedabad-richest city


Ahmedabad is listed as the seventh richest city according to GDP. Ahmedabad has a GDP of 64 billion USD, the city is the largest supplier of denim.It is one of the largest exporters of gemstones and jewelry. The city has largest automobile sector and many corporate industries. It is the second largest cotton textile center. These all above mentioned things contribute Ahmedabad in making it one of the richest city in India.

8. Pune

pune richest city


Pune is listed as the eighth richest city according to GDP. Pune has a GDP of 48 billion USD. It has a huge  automobile sector therefore, Pune is called as India’s Motor City. Pune is India’s largest manufacturer and exporter of pumps.

9. Surat

surat richest city


Surat is listed as the ninth richest city according to GDP. Surat has a GDP of 40 billion USD. GDP of Surat in 2020 will be around GDP 57 billion USD as per the estimation of the city Mayors foundation, an international think tank on urban affairs. It is the economical capital of Gujarat, and famous for food, textile and diamonds.

10. Visakhapatnam


Visakhapatnam richest city


Visakhapatnam is listed as the tenth richest city according to GDP. Visakhapatnam has a GDP of 26 billion USD. The “Financial Capital” of Andhra Pradesh is Visakhapatnam. The city contributes to heavy industries, tourism, industrial minerals, fishing, pharmaceuticals and information technology.



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