30 Things to start doing for Yourself

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30 Things to start doing for Yourself



1. Start staying happy.

2. Smile and love yourself.

3. Have a vision for your life.

4. Spend time with the right people.

5. Take care of your body, mind and soul.

6. Start facing your problems.

7. Have values.

8. Feel your feelings.

9. Be honest to yourself.

10. Always think positive.

11. Learn to say NO at things you uncomfortable with.

12. Start taking 100% responsibility for yourself.

13. Step out of your comfort zone.

14. Enjoy the things you have.

15. Believe in yourself.

16. Work on your goals everyday irrespective of the result.

17. Be confident and proud of yourself.

18. Accept changes and challenges.

19. Face all kinds of situations.

20. Live in present.

21. Start forgiving yourself and others.

22. Celebrate everything.

23. Simplify your life.

24. Give thanks.

25. Go after your dreams.

26. Have plans and make your own decisions because you know yourself the best.

27. Have time for yourself.

28. Help people around you.

29. Learn lessons from your mistakes.

30. Be yourself.




Sharing is Caring!!

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