3 Truths of Life

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truth of life


  1. KARMA


  • Karma is the most important part of life, it is said that everything is Karma, the things which we do same things come back to us. It means action, or work of deed, it also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual  influence the future of that individual.
  • Good deed and good habits belong to the good Karma and so the future is full of happiness and bad deed and bad habits belong to bad Karma and so the future will suffer.
  • Karma means whatever we do positive or negative will always return and come back to us in any form, it’s not that if you do some things good will always be good all of a sudden but it is always a gradual process that it will surely come back be it in any form. Also the evil you do will also return.
  • Like it is well said Karma has no menu whatever you serve will come back to you, good or bad. So do good things and good things will come back to you.



change of life


  • Change is one of the truth of life. Change is inevitable, it is a on going process, it can be in any form. It is an act or process through which something becomes different.
  • Everyone needs to implement change in their life and go on with the process. It’s very difficult to accept change in life, but once you accept it the life becomes easy , only the process of acceptance is difficult.
  • We always get adopt to the environment and it’s difficult for us to come out of our comfort zone.
  • Life changes in each and every stage of life for all beings. Change is the essence of life. Don’t be afraid of change as change is an on going process.
  • Forms of change can be physical change, mental change, social change, emotional change, spiritual change which affects both body and soul.
  • There is no time for change, time is itself a change which changes every moment.

change in every moment


  • Try and accept changes and challenges of life and act according to that and find solution to every problem not a problem to every solution.
  • We are always scared of the change but it’s okay to be scared it means that we are going to do something really brave.





  • Time is that truth of life which is present to everyone for free but it depends on how you make it precious and priceless.
  • Time is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events that occur. It means the progress of events, and also the way in which this progress of events is measured.
  • It is very important to manage time. There is no right time , the time which is right is now.

time is now


  • Time is that truth of life which once gone or past away cannot be returned, so the best gift which you can give to someone is your precious time.
  • Time management is very essential, so do not waste it, try and utilize time. It is a beautiful gift from God. So, it should be utilized to its fullest.
  • The harsh truth of time is that whatever may be the circumstance good or bad time keeps on going, you cannot hold it.
  • Time is invaluable, time has more value than even money.
  • A person who understands the value of time has a very efficient future. So, value time in your life and automatically the time will value you.



Sharing is Caring!!

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    healthy habits of life is awesme.butmost remarkable thing is time management is essential donot waste it andtry utilities time is great advised to all.everyone shouldtry manage it

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