10 Easiest Ways to Lose Weight

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       1. Eat, not delete


lose weight


Eat healthy food and never ever skip meals, eat food like fruits, juices, fresh green vegetables. Eat on a regular interval, don’t eat too much at once and then starve for longer. Staying long with an empty stomach  also cause weight gain.


    2. Never Skip Breakfast



Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, from its name only we can know its about breaking the fast. So, have proper breakfast.

There is 3 golden rules for staying fit and healthy-


breakfast like king


  • Eat breakfast like King
  • Lunch like Prince
  • Dinner like Pauper

breakfast lunch dinner


    3. Walking

weight-rainbow walking


Walking also helps in losing weight, it is very important , even a 10 minutes of daily walking will be beneficial for you to lose weight.


   4. Avoid Junk and Oily food

junk food


Eat light food, don’t eat too much oil. Avoid food which contains cheese, butter, cream, rich fats etc like pizza, burger, fast food, ice cream, cookies, etc.


  5. Exercise or Yoga



You can do any of the two in which you are comfortable either exercise or yoga, exercise and yoga helps to lose weight. Don’t do aggressive exercise, you can do simple one’s in which you are comfortable but do it regularly. Don’t skip it.


   6. Think before eating

think and eat


You should always think what you are eating , whether it is really healthy for your body or you are just eating to satisfy your taste buds.It’s not that whatever you feel tasty you eat, avoid this habit, eat healthy food.


   7. Sleep Less

sleep less


Take a sleep of 6-7 Hours, very important thing is to get up early.Sleeping more also results in weight gain.


  8. Drink Water

drink more water


Drinking plenty of water helps in losing weight.


  9. Say “NO” to Drinks and Deserts

say no to drinks

say no to deaserts


   10. Stop Dieting

stop dieting


It is very important  not to go on a dieting, you can only be weak. It’s very harmful to diet for your body.




Sharing is Caring!!

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    Useful information…many times we eat only for taste not for health.

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